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FTBS Group provides expertise and capability to companies that wish to export their products and services to Russia, whilst minimising the risks and costs of entry.

To many Western European companies, Russia is both an opportunity and a puzzle.It offers great potential to exporters but has an unfamiliar alphabet, language, culture and way of doing business that can cause the unprepared to fall into unnecessary traps.

FTBS is a British group that provides you with a Russian solution that includes export management services, offices and warehousing in the key industrial clusters of St Petersburg and Moscow. The FTBS organisation is pan-European with key offices in the United Kingdom and Italy.

We believe that our services are industry sector agnostic and can be tailored and applied to help you.

Our services

Sales and Marketing

Working very closely with our client’s sales and marketing department, FTBS will help to develop a sales and marketing strategy.

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Using our existing skills in distribution and our local infrastructure, FTBS can act as your local, Russian distributor.

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Customs, Taxation and Logistics

Helping you to understand, comply and navigate with highly complex importation and customs regulations.

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Account Management

To overcome the geographic spread of our operations, we will provide you with an account manager who is responsible for ensuring that you are receiving the level of service that you deserve.

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Serviced Offices

Should you wish to establish a local operations yourself or just need a local modern office with amenities, we can provide you with a solution from our safe and secure offices in central St Petersburg.

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